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Tourist attractions in the proximity of Zakopane

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Zakopane is the most famous mountain resort in the Podhale region. The town attracts tourists and skiers from all over Poland and abroad. Owing to its popularity, it is a busy place during winter and summer seasons. If Zakopane seems too touristy for you - visit other resorts located in its close proximity. They are more quiet and at the same time offer good ski facilities and other tourist attractions.

Zab is located 1013 m AMSL. The village boasts a beautiful wooden St. Anne's church featuring traditional local decor. Adjacent to the church is a charming old cemetery. The village offers a wide choice of accommodation, several ski lifts, many good restaurants and inns. From the village tourists can admire breathtaking panorama of the Tatra Mountains, the Babia Gora Range as well as the Gorce Mountains. Zab is an attractive place to visit all year round.

The village is located 20 km from Zakopane, close to border crossing with Slovakia. This mountain resort offers a wide choice of B&B type of accommodation, hostels, motels, guesthouses and camp sites. You can also stay in private traditional Zakopane-style houses, which, apart from accommodation, offer traditional local cuisine and fresh local produce. In the winter, there are over 20 private ski lifts operating on artificial slopes. In the summer, the village affords beautiful views over the Tatra, Gorce and Pieniny Mountains. There are numerous walking and cycling paths around the village. Tourist can also visit the area on horseback.

Located only 15 km from Zakopane, the village affords wonderful views over the whole Tatra Mountains Range. It is a well-known ski and winter sports resort with good accommodation and tourist facilities. In the autumn, Bukowina Tatrzanska hosts a famous annual festival of the local folklore "Sabalowe Bajania", comprising story telling, playing and singing.

The village is located only 6 km from Zakopane. The town offers a wide selection of accommodation at reasonable prices. There are ski facilities as well as tourist trails and cycling paths. The town host an annual festival “Summer in Poronin”.

Located 14 km from Zakopane, Male Ciche is one of the most picturesque villages in the Podhale region. It is surrounded by forest and situated adjacent to the Tatrzanski National Park. It offers many tourist attractions all year round, including several ski lifts, ski complex featuring modern chairlift and a wide choice of private accommodation offering local cuisine and fresh produce.

Located 10 km from Zakopane, the village affords a breathtaking views over the Tatra Mountains. It offers a well-developed tourist base, modern sports facilities and restaurants.

The village is located by the River Dunajec, 44 km from Zakopane. It features a 14th century church of St. Bartholomew. Close to the village, at the Czorsztyn Lake, is the 14th century castle Dunajec. In nearby Czorsztyn there is another medieval stronghold.

Czarny Dunajec is located 28 km from Zakopane. This picturesque village features traditional Podhale-style cottages. It is surrounded by alpine moorland with many rare species of flora.

Located 45 km from Zakopane, this little village features a unique 17th-century wooden church of John the Babtist, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Zubrzyca Gorna is located 50 km from Zakopane, at the foot of Babia Gora Mountain (1725 AMSL), which affords one of the most beautiful panorama of the Tatra Mountains. The village houses Orawski Ethnographic Park Museum featuring 18th- and 19th-century cottages.

Nowy Targ is located at the foot of the Gorce Mountains, about 25 km from Zakopane. This little mountain town features a Gothic wooden church of St. Anne. Evey Thursday there is a famous, traditional market. Nowy Targ is an ideal base from which to explore the Tatras, the Pieniny Mountains, the Czorsztyn Lake and Babia Gora Mountain Range. It is located in close proximity to the Gorczanski, Babiogorski, Pieninski and Tatrzanski National Parks, as well as nature reserves: Bor na Czerwonem, Skalka Rogoznicka and Przelom Bialki. The town is an attractive tourist base offering a variety of outdoor activities: canoeing rally, hiking, skiing, cycling, horse riding etc.

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Map of Zakopane

Map of Zakopane

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