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Kalatowki Mountain Hotel

Polana Kalatowki, mountains [show on a map]
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noclegi w Krakowie Since 2007 we found accommodation in Zakopane for 6036 people.

20.XII - 2.I

2.I - 10.IV

27.IV - 6.V


7.VI - 10.VI

23.VI - 24.IX

10.IV - 27.IV

6.V - 7.VI

10.VI - 23.VI

30.IX- 20.XII

Single room
(w/ washbasin)
/Price for 1 Person,
with breakfast/

89,00PLN 85,00PLN 77,00PLN 56,00PLN

Double room
(w/ washbasin)
/Price for 2 Persons,
with breakfast/

85,00PLN 80,00PLN 75,00PLN 54,00PLN

Double room
(w/ bathroom)
/Price for 2 Persons,
with breakfast/

113,00PLN 105,00PLN 90,00PLN 67,00PLN

3-person room
(w/ washbasin)
/Price for 3 Persons,
with breakfast/

74,00PLN 71,00PLN 63,00PLN 45,00PLN

3-person room
(w/ bathroom)
/Price for 2 Persons,
with breakfast/

111,00PLN 105,00PLN 85,00PLN 66,00PLN

5-person room
(w/ washbasin)
/Price for a Single Bed,
with breakfast/

66,00PLN 58,00PLN 52,00PLN 43,00PLN

/Price for 2 Persons,
with breakfast/

250,00PLN 243,00PLN 214,00PLN 152,00PLN

Price for an extra bed - 50% of the bed price for a given room.
Resort tax is not included in the price.
Organized groups are offered a 10% discount.


You are invited to visit the Kalatowki Mountain Hotel, which is located some distance from Zakopane, in the Tatra National Park. It stands just next to the trail leading from Kuznice to Giewont - in the picturesque Bystra Valley, at an altitude of 1198 m. The peaks of Giewont and Kasprowy Wierch, the alpine scenery and the murmur of mountain streams create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Being a true oasis of rest, the Hotel is the ideal place for all those who love the mountains, crave peace and quiet, and would like to rest in sublime conditions. All rooms offer stunning views of the surrounding mountains. We have excellent water, drawn from our own well, modern infrastructure and, most importantly, a truly family atmosphere. We hope that your stay will be enjoyable, carefree, and remain in your memory for a long time.

Some of our rooms have en-suite bathrooms. The remainder have washbasins and guests avail themselves of clean and elegant bathrooms on each floor. Our rooms feature hand-made, traditional-style furniture. Some rooms include TV sets with access to satellite channels.

Additional information:
Our menu encompasses Polish cuisine as well as regional and vegetarian dishes. We prepare special meals for children. In the restaurant, One can see a very interesting collection of antique ski equipment, as well as a display of photographs. For tourists who are in a hurry, the Hotel offers quick meals in the buffet. Hot snacks, sweets and hot mulled wine are ideal for skiers and weary travellers. The characteristically furnished restaurant offers a wide variety of excellent food. Thanks to the beautiful view of the mountains through panoramic windows, meals can be enjoyed in a very pleasant atmosphere.

Local attractions:
Other than hosting conferences and seminars our hotel offers a full range of special activities, such as:
regional evenings around a bonfire;
a highlander band; 
ceremonial dinners and banquets;
integrational functions;
shows in the Witkacy Theatre;
sleigh rides (wagonettes and sledges); 
rafting on the Dunajec River

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