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Gubalowka - Most Popular Hill of Zakopane

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Gubalowka, the tiny settlement situated on the top of the hill, rises at the altitude of 1120 m. It is as widely known as Mount Giewont. Thus, it is frequently portrayed on postcards, in brochures and in films. As it is easily accessible on foot and by means of the funicular, Gubalowka boasts the largest amount of tourists visiting it annually. For some, it is a regular path as they live on top of this gentle ridge of Gubalowka. For others, Gubalowka is a magnificent sample of what Zakopane can offer to its visitors.

There are lots of attractions to choose from. One of them is having a glass of cold beer, the traditional highlander tea or a huge portion of the regional meal in the Gubalowka restaurant which is most popular with the tourists. The restaurant is most renowned for its interior dating back to the 1950s and the sun-deck terrace often crowded with the sun-seeking hikers. It is a perfect site for unwinding after a strenuous climb up the hill and enjoying the unforgettable panoramic view of Mount Giewont, Czerwone Wierchy  (Red Peaks) and Kasprowy Wierch (Kasprowy Peak). Gubalowka attracts its numerous visitors with the services offered on its top. One can purchase the traditional regional produce, ride a pony, ride the mini bobsleigh, ski, have a photograph taken with a shepherd's dog, etc.

For those who would rather look here for historical monuments, there is a bronze Polonia Restituta sculpture, presented at the1937 World Exhibition in Paris, an iron cross founded by Tytus Chalubinski, one of the legendary figures of Zakopane, and a tiny wooden chapel dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Rosary, founded by the Bahleda family as a thankful offering for the World War II survival.
However, not everyone is so enthusiastic about the site. For some the very top of Gubalowka is nothing but a road lined with hamburger stands and other outlets offering food and souvenirs, which makes Gubalowka lack a uniform character and as such void of its spectacular vantage point features. The crowds of tourists, cars, horse carriages and the stench of smoked and fried sausages, hamburgers, hot dogs fill the place in the high season, attracting some tourists and discouraging others. Anyway, the best idea is to come here to experience the regional flavour of this popular tourist attraction of Zakopane.

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