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Slovak Tatras in a Nutshell

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While in Zakopane, it is a good idea to go on a trip to Slovakia. As the Polish Tatras are only a tiny part of the whole Tatra Mountains range, they are usually packed with tourists in the season. It is advisable to go to the Slovak Tatras to discover the beauty of these mountains. The closest to the Polish-Slovak border are the Belianskie Tatras (in Slovakian – Belianskie Tatry, in Polish – Tatry Bielskie) famous for the caves of which the Belianska Cave (Belianska jaskyòa, Jaskinia Bielska) is regarded as the most beautiful of all the caves in the Tatra Mountains.Thus, definitely, it should be visited.

The Belianske Tatras are not rich in the trails, however, the only one that is open to the public goes along the main ridge of this part of the Tatra Mountains. The route is worth taking as it offers magnificent views of the western part of the Belianske Tatras with its highest peaks: Havran (2152 m) and ®dziarska Vidla (2142 m). Moreover, the highest peaks situated in the eastern part of the High Tatras like Kiezmarski, Lodowy and Lomnica can also be admired.

The Slovak High Tatras are situated further from Zakopane. It is here that the highest peak of the Tatra Mountains - Gerlachov Peak (2655 m) is located. This part of the Tatras is also famous for the other 24 peaks rising at the altitude of over 2.500 metres. The High Tatras resorts, such as Tatranska Lomnica, Smokowiec, are well-known resorts frequently visited by tourists throughout the year. The picturesque views, rare species of plants and animals, varied trails, well-developed tourism infrastructure are only the few of numerous advantages of this part of the Tatra Mountains. However, if planning to climb the peaks, one should bear in mind the fact that most of the trails are quite demanding, thus, suitable for fit and experienced hikers.

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