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Kornel Makuszynski - Children Writer

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Kornel Makuszynski (1884 – 1935) was a writer of books for children and the youth. Each Polish kid knows his books not only as some are the set books at school, but for he reason that during their childhood Makuszynski's ''120 Adventures of Matołek the Billy-Goat'' were either read to them or they saw them on TV as bed-time cartoons. His literary output also includes prose writings for adults, however, it is the kid's literature that made him famous. Of all his books, six have already served as plots of feature films and TV series. Though Makuszynski was born in Stryj, in Ukraine nowadays, his life is closely connected with Zakopane. It is here that he arrived in 1945. He lived in the ''Opolanka'' tenement house till the rest of his life. Thirty-one years afer Makuszynski's death, his house was transformed into a museum, the branch of the Tatra Mountains Museum, where his rich book collection, photographs, archives, personal mementos are kept. Makuszynski was buried at the Peksowy Brzyzek Cemetery in Zakopane. Zakopane boasts a street named after Kornel Makuszynski. Moreover, since 1994 there is the Literary Prize named after Kornel Makuszynski.

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