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Tytus Chalubinski - King of the Tatra Mountains

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Tytus Chalubinski (1820 – 1889) was a Polish doctor, who came to Zakopane from Warsaw. The town was not popular then, thus, having settled here for good, Chalubinski contributed to making Zakopane known as a tourist and spa resort. For his merits to Zakopane he was commonly referred to as the '' King of the Tatra Mountains'' and widely treated with respect. Chalubinski actively engaged in the life of Zakopane: treating the sick (especially during the cholera plague in the 1870s), popularising the climate of the Tatra Mountains, establishing the Tatra Mountains Society, holding several-day mountain trips, parades-like, accompanied by highlanders and the most famous mountain guides. Chalubinski's house served also as the centre of the cultural and social life of Zakopane. It was here that one could come across such personalities coming from various walks of life as Walery Eljasz, Ignacy Jan Paderewski, Stanislaw Witkiewicz, Helena Modrzejewska, Rev. Stolarczyk. Nowadays Zakopane boasts a street named after Chalubinski and a monument dedicated to him.

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Map of Zakopane

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