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Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer- Talented Poet of the Tatra Mountains

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Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer (1865 – 1940) was a Polish poet, journalist, novelist and playwright.He was also the Young Poland Movement member. Born in Ludzmierz near the Tatra Mountains, he was closely connected with Zakopane throughout his life. Przerwa-Tetmajer wrote as many as eight collections of poetry, in which he evoked the beauty of the Tatra Mountains he loved. As his lyrical verses also spoke of love in frank and provocative terms, he was both praised by some readers and accused of depravity by others. Tetmajer's fascination with the highland folklore was so strong that he wrote a series of stories entitled "On the Rocky Podhale" and the "The Legend of the Tatras" epic. However, the end of his life was pretty sad as he suffered from a mental illness and the loss of sight, thus, could no longer devote himself to writing. Left homeless, he died in a Warsaw hospital. Tetmajer was buried at the Peksowy Brzyzek Cemetery in Zakopane. After World War II one of the streets of Zakopane was named him.


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