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Zakopane - Winter Capital of Poland

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Skiing has been practised here for over a hundred years, making Zakopane also known as the Polish birthplace of this winter sport. The number of skiing sites and ski lifts is on the increase every season. So far there are as many as 50 ski lifts to choose from. As for the sites, they are of different difficulty levels, thus, both beginners and advanced skiers can find the slopes or ski runs they need.

Zakopane Winter Capital of PolandThe most popular site is Kasprowy Wierch area, which is also famous for the best skiing conditions of all the skiing sites in Zakopane. It is here that one can usually ski till the beginning of May. To get to the summit, the skiers need to take a cable car from Kuznice. From the Kociol Goryczkowy and the Kociol Gasienicowy the chirlift take skiers uphill.

Another well-known skiing site is Gubalowka which attracts skiers with a few T-bar lifts, artificial snowing systems and lighting, a ski school, a ski-rent, ski service, food outlets. It can be reached by means of the funicular.

Other skiing sites popular with skiers are as follows:

Poland Szymoszkowa (close to the Orbis-Kasprowy Hotel) with a chairlift, lighting and artificial snowing systems,a ski school, a ski-rental, ski service, food outlets.

Nosal with six T-bar lifts, a chairlift, lighting and artificial snowing systems, a ski school, a ski-rental, ski service, food outlets.

As for the slopes perfect for beginners, the following skiing sites equipped with T-bar lifts, are available:

  • Koziniec with lighting and artificial snowing systems,
  • Pod Krokwiħ - with lighting and artificial snowing systems,
  • Kalatowki
  • Na Lipkach – with lighting,
  • Bundowki – with lighting,
  • Pardalowka – with lighting and artificial snowing systems,
  • Antalowka – with lighting,
  • Budzowski Wierch – with lighting.

There are also places suitable for the fans of ski touring and cross country skiing. The ridges are usually not crowded and covered with natural snow for a long time. The best conditions for ski touring can be found in Gubalowka and Magura Witowska, apart from the few ski touring trails in the Tatras. For cross country skiing the areas in the vicinity of Krokiew (the Zakopane ski jumps) are worth recommending.

To those who would like to learn skiing, Zakopane offers a wide selection of ski rentals and skii schools with professional ski instructors, which can be practically found at each skiing site.

Keen fans of winter sports are attracted to Zakopane by the sports events held here. The most famous ones, with competitors from all over the world, are the FIS World Ski Championships, Ski Jump World Cups and Nordic Combined, Nordic and Alpine European Cups.

There are also perfect skiing conditions in the villages outside Zakopane. Their advantages are as follows: a wide selection of skiing sites, cheaper accommodation and a wide choice of food outlets. The most popular sites are Bukowina and Bialka Tatrzanska. The former offers as many as sevenT-bar ski lifts (altogether 6 km of ski runs), whereas the latter offers perfect skiing facilities in the Bania and the Kotelnica Ski Centres. There are smaller skiing sites in Bialka Tatrzanska as well.

Details on all the ski lifts and ski centres can be found at:

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Map of Zakopane

Map of Zakopane

Zakopane Map | Map of Zakopane Poland

Plan your trip with our interactive Zakopane Map section. Major routes through and around Zakopane city.

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